Canadian Government To India DOT: WTF?

This soap opera keeps getting better and better.

Today’s episode Canadian High Commissioner to India David M. Malone sending a letter to A. Raja, India’s Communication and IT Minister, questioning the way India is handling the controversy over BlackBerry security concerns (which I have covered here previously). Among other things, he said that the DOT:

“inspired little confidence that those involved on the Indian side are actually empowered to settle the matter…”

Oh yeah, he requested a conference with “the relevant authorities” and he also criticized the constant media leaks and India’s apparent desire to negotiate through the media (I wonder if he counts my blog as “the Media?”).

Basically, this is a diplomatic bitch slap. Unusual for Canada, but interesting to see. Now let us see how India responds.

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  1. are you a Blacberry user.

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  2. My employer supplies me with one. I am an addict, but I’m seeking help.

  3. I see. I like windows moble devices and the palm centro. I think its the centro.

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