Dell To Sell XP Past June 30th, But They’ll Count The Sale As A Vista Sale… Sneaky!

Those Dell employees must have stayed up all night to come up with this one.

Dell announced last week that they will continue to sell XP beyond Microsoft’s June 30th cutoff date. Here’s the catch, they’re using a provision called a “Downgrade License” which forces you to buy a Vista box to get XP:

“Dell will preinstall XP Professional as a “downgrade” on a variety of desktop PCs and laptops, a spokesperson said, saving users the hassle of doing it themselves. The computers available with the XP option will include the Windows Vista installation DVD in the box so users can later install Vista over XP under the same license if they wish.”

Sneaky. Dell gets to sell XP, Microsoft gets to count a Vista sale, everybody is happy. The fact that this program even exists shows just how lukewarm the market is to Vista.

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