Here’s Proof That Apple Is Taking Over The World

Steve Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft and has the ability to use anything he wants for his presentations. So I think that you’ll be surprised to find that the chair throwing one actually uses an Apple product for his presentations.

As far as I am concerned, this is proof positive that Steve Jobs and his Apple Fanbois are winning the war. Seeing as the leader of the Windows empire has already raised the white flag, Windows users should just simply head to the nearest Apple Store to get an iMac (which ironically enough were speed bumped just this morning).

18 Responses to “Here’s Proof That Apple Is Taking Over The World”

  1. What we need is a steel cage death match between the Microsoft Fanbois and their Apple counterparts.

  2. I might have missed something. Microsoft has fanbois? Where?

  3. John Doe Says:

    “Microsoft has fanbois? Where?” Everywhere at a ratio of 9:1 over Apple.

  4. Apple Fanboi Says:

    Microsoft Fanbois are lame. Even they bash Microsoft. Apple’s Fanbois believe in Apple 100%. So the fact that the Microsoft Fanbois have a 9:1 is meaningless.

  5. im not a fan of Microsoft…. but i am in no way at all a fan of apple. and i really don’t think this proved anything. people that work with apple and for apple have to use Microsoft stuff sometimes. i do use windows more than anything because it does infact do more. argue all you want apple fans but the fact is apple really still isnt in any shape to compete. though they have come along way in the last 4 years.

    please not before you argue i didnt say that windows was “better” at one single thing. i just said it can do more which it can.

  6. Believe me MS fanbois are more fanatical, don’t believe, visit, you can find them disguising as Apple centric sites with Apple prefix to attack Apple products.
    Talking about lame with a share of 9:1 yet they are still so insecure.

  7. I don’t know if you realize, but I personally believe that Microsoft has a large stake in Apple already as they do not care how vastly they grow. Need evidence? Remember when ole Jobs was going bankrupt and needed someone to bail him out? Thank Billy

  8. Uhh…Computer Quiz–

    Microsoft bought $150 Million in stock back when Apple was in trouble (and, by the way, had about a Billion dollars in the bank!–CASH) Apple was in no way going bankrupt! If you also remember back then, Microsoft was in deep doodoo with anti-trust problems about QuickTime. They used the stock purchase to smooth over their anti-trust problems with the DOJ. Anyway, a few years ago, they sold all of their Apple stock.

    (So, your personal beliefs really do not reflect the facts of those times.)

  9. thats not entirely true because gates still have a 40% market share in apple himself. and yes apple was in big trouble just look at the products they were making at the time.

  10. its also strange how the maker of this site calls there self a nerd. looking through all the other post all he does is bash Microsoft. a nerd likes everything and uses everything because its the tech itself that they like. this guy is just another apple lunatic, not a nerd

  11. wow three post out of, what 50. your on a roll. there are times we all bash even the people we like its part of it.. i like apple i really really do but are they in shape to take on microsoft….no.

  12. It looks like you’re trying to stir up a discussion to pimp your own blog. Do I sense jealously?

  13. yes im sooo jealous of this site.

    you said 2 sentences and they both contradicted each other. you said i was trying to spam and get visitors to my site and then you said i was jealous. if you think im trying to spam my site then isnt that why im here?

    Anyways no im not really jealous i just think its funny how someone can think that apple is even in the shape to take over Microsoft. i love apple i do but there in no shape to take on Microsoft yet. im not saying they never will be but not with Steve Jobs in charge. Apple has made a few mistakes in the last 2 years also i think they got a little to cocky with the success of the ipod. They release of OS 10.5 didnt go so well with the trouble it had, and the Apple t.v and the iphone wasn’t near the hit they thought it would be. And because the iPod was such a big hit though you cant count that has taking over microsoft in computers and software.

  14. There’s a simple way of dealing with this. If everyone ignores Eric, he’ll go away. Then this flame war will end.

  15. whats the point of having a blog that people can leave comments on if you dont want to “talk” about the topic….kinda pointless if no one wants to talk about the topic there commenting on

  16. I think what’s got people riled up is the way you’re coming across. When this whole thing started, some of your comments came across as being abrasive. I really doubt that you mean to do that, but it’s hard to tell in text. So people assume the worst, and a “flame war” (as somebody put it) starts as a result.

    What I think really got people p***ed off at you was this comment:

    “this guy is just another apple lunatic, not a nerd”

    At that point, you might as well have painted a target onto your back as well as put a sign on your chest saying “don’t take anything I say seriously.” Everybody is going to line up to take shots at you and ignore what you have to say.

    Having said that, this whole thing has blown WAY out of proportion. This rhetoric needs to be ratcheted down.

    Personally if anyone has something critical to say about my blog, say it. I put my thoughts and opinions out there for all to read, I’d be smoking crack if I didn’t think that people were going to agree with everything I post. That should create healthy discussion. The key word is HEALTHY. This whole post has become very UNHEALTHY which is very counterproductive.

    While I’m here, let me address the “lunatic” comment. If you think I’m an Apple fanboi (which I do not consider myself to be as I happen to own Windows boxes and Mandriva boxes as well), then fine. That’s your opinion. The only reason why I bash M$ as much as I do is because they are a very easy target due to the fact that 9 of 10 computers run their products which means they have 9 times the opportunity to screw up stuff. You’ll note that I do take shots at Apple, RIM, and anybody who’s on the wrong side of the Net Neutrality debate just to name a few things off the top of my head. The fact is I bash a lot of stuff other than Microsoft (Bell Canada must be sick of being my whipping boy for example, not to mention Canadian Industry Minister Jim Prentice who I have called out on several occasions). So while I welcome you expressing your opinion, I do believe that my posts will show that your comment is incorrect.

    So, in closing (and I truly hope this is closed) I will quote Rodney King: “Can we all just get along?”

    Thank you.

    The IT Nerd

  17. lol i know what you do mean about people agreeing with you about everything. Seems like the only way you can get people to say anything now days is to piss them off or say something they don’t agree with. Like on my blog the normal post i have don’t have any comments but the ones that talk about apple and Firefox have plenty. Plus i never did say i didn’t think apple might not one day be able to take over the big M. But as of right now with it under steve i dont think so. you cant take over Microsoft from selling ipods. And yes i know there computer sales are doing wonderful but so is everything in Microsoft corner. When your trying to take on a company like Microsoft you cant do it making mistakes and apple is still making a few to many. Plus Steve being investigated for fraud last year didn’t help much. and people keep comparing Steve with the chair throwing CEO of Microsoft.. and i really don’t see how. i would rather have mu CEO through a chair because he didn’t want me to leave than have Steve steal all my money and try to make me feel good about it. anyways i really mean no trouble by anything i said.

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