Bell Canada Hit By Class Action Lawusit….. Sucks To Be Them

People in Quebec must be really ticked off at Bell Canada as the Union des consommateurs (Consumers Union) has decided to file a class action lawsuit against them. The core arguments are:

  • Bell claims in adverts that their speed is consistent at all times, but by throttling connections they have basically lied to their customers.
  • Bell violates their users privacy by using Deep Packet Inspection to facilitate their throttling.

The lawsuit seeks 80% of customers monthly subscription fees. Subscribers would also be eligible for $600 because of the false advertising claims, and $1,500 as compensation for privacy violations.

If you happen to read French, you can look at the details here. For the rest of us, there’s always this page generated by Google Translate.

One can hope that this spreads nationwide as a Quebec only lawsuit only helps Internet users in Quebec. That would really freak Bell Canada out.

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