India To RIM: Let Us Snoop OR ELSE! This Time We Really Mean It!

This soap opera has been going on far too long, but it seem there may be an end in sight. The Indian Department Of Telecom has now flat out demanded that RIM give it the ability to snoop on BlackBerry communications or it’s game over for the addiction popular e-mail device maker in India. This time they claim that they’re serious about this because they have to be able to protect themselves against millitants.

If I were RIM, my response would be something along the lines of SCREW YOU. I’ve said in the past that there is no way RIM should cave to these jokers as it will simply open up the floodgates for them to squeeze other people (Microsoft, Skype, or anyone else who uses encryption in their products). Never mind the problems that it will cause RIM with other countries.

One thing the article points out is that the Indian Department Of Telecom seems to think that BlackBerry products adheres to the US CALEA act. If that’s true, then RIM might have a bit of an optics issue on its hands.

Hopefully, India wakes up and smells the coffee thinks better of this before RIM packs up and leaves the 114,000 or so BlackBerry users in withdrawal.

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