Canadian iTunes Store Now Has Movies….. Bye Bye Bell!

You’ll recall that I said the following when Bell Canada came out with their half assed video store:

“I’m going to sit back and watch this service get utterly destroyed by the Apple iTunes service as it’s clear that Bell doesn’t have a clue needed to think this through a bit more before rolling this out to the public.”

Well, today is the day the destruction begins. Apple has brought movie rentals and sales to the Canadian iTunes music store. You can watch the movies on your PC, Mac, AppleTV or iPod and the pricing structure is as follows:

  • CAN$9.99 to purchase catalog titles
  • CAN$14.99 to get recently released movies
  • CAN$19.99 to purchase new movies
  • CAN$3.99 for renting a library title (a dollar more for HD)
  • CAN$4.99 for new release rental (a dollar more for HD)

So lets recap:

Apple (who pretty much owns the online distribution of music and movies) has set up shop in Canada and their movies are playable on both PC and Mac computers as well as the AppleTV and the iPod (which at last count 7 or 10 people in the universe owned one).


The uber lame movie store that Bell has which only works on Windows and Microsoft PlaysForSure portable players that maybe a handful of people own.

Gee. I wonder who’s going to win?

I’m guessing that a bunch of Bell execs are crapping their pants very concerned right now.

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