Rogers And Bell’s Corporate Reputations Suck…. Shock! Not!

Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star has a story about who are the most admired companies in Canada. At the top of the list is Staples (AKA Business Depot). But bringing up the rear of the survey are Rogers and Bell:

“Meanwhile, Bell Canada showed the biggest decline in corporate reputation, falling to a ranking of 95th this year (from 58th). People are starting to say they don’t like the beavers any more,” says [Doug] Scholz [VP – Leger Marketing], referring to Bell’s omnipresent TV ads featuring the furry rodents Frank and Gordon. Rogers didn’t do much better, falling 10 spots to number 89.”

Ms. Roseman thinks Bell’s issues could be traced to their customer service:

“And Bell could reverse its downward drift with a renewed focus on customer service. It used to draw only pans from readers, but now gets occasional praise – a change I’ve noticed in recent weeks.”

That would make sense. Customer service is key to giving your company a positive perception and Bell for a very long time has sucked at that. The same can be said of Rogers. While not mentioned in the article, Rogers customer service is pretty horrid. I can’t count the number of times where I’ve had to make multiple phone calls to a Rogers call center to fix a simple issue with my cell phone or my cable TV. Plus their staff give off an air of incompetence rather than exuding confidence, which doesn’t give me the “warm fuzzies.” No wonder people in Canada joke that when they have Rogers, they’re being “Rogered.” I guess it’s Canada’s version of getting Comcastic service from Comcast.

Perhaps Rogers should take a page out of Bell’s book to improve their public perception by improving their customer service. In both cases, NOT throttling their customers Internet connections and NOT charging their customers a “System Access Fee” while claiming that the fee comes from the government would likely help as well.

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  1. L Dionne Says:

    I have been in a sstate of screaming frustration with Rogers since Feb 2008, they are making me physically ill.
    My phone iswith bell they do respond faster but also are charging me more than agreed upon.
    I have been considering Primus for phone and internet service , but it seems that their reputation of really rotten, although I know one happy customer.
    What other options do we have for phone and internet, is there any companyout there that is any good.

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