Apple Takes Direct Aim At iPhone Unlockers

In an effort to keep Steve’s pockets lined with cash the unlocking of iPhones under control, Apple has done a bunch of things with the new iPhone 3G:

  • iPhone 3G will be activated when the device is purchased in the Apple or AT&T store.
  • You are forced to commit to a contract.
  • Pre-paid service will not be allowed on iPhone 3G

All of this goes into effect with AT&T July 11th. Expect this policy to appear with other carriers as well. It’s sad that this happened, but it makes business sense for Apple and the carriers.

You can thank “The Boy Genius” for this info. You can get all of the details here. I’m not sure if this will keep all of the unlockers at bay, but it should limit their numbers.

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  1. milliardo Says:

    i’ve read also that there is some type of penalty that incurs if you do not activate your 3G iPhone within’ 30 days of purchase. i assume that applies to online purchases or maybe when you jedi mind trick the sales person at the Apple store to make them let you take one out without activating.

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