Laptop Searches Tick Off Congress…. But Will Anything Be Done About It?

I posted recently about the fact that US Customs And Border Protection can search your laptop and other gizmos without any reason. This attracted the attention of Congress who decided to hold hearings on the issue. As usual at these sorts of things, a number of groups were repersented. But the Department Of Homeland Security wasn’t one of them. They chose to send a written statement instead (which according to Sen. Russ Fiengold provided “little meaningful detail on the agency’s policies.”). That’s curious if you ask me since you’d think they’d be anxious to get in front of these politicians and describe how this policy helps protect the USA from terrorists, child pornographers, and other “evil-doers.”

The real question is if Fiengold and his buddies plan doing anything to stop this from happening. Common sense says that they should. But sometimes, politics isn’t about common sense.

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