Microsoft Relases “Reliability Update” For Vista SP1…. Insert Vista Reliability Joke Here

I noticed today that Microsoft has posted a “reliability update” for Windows Vista on their download servers. Being the curious type, I read the knowledge base article relating to this. In short here’s what it fixes:

  • Fixes crashes when using Apple Inc.’s QuickTime multimedia player
  • Fixes stuttering audio and video high-definition playback on systems equipped with Nvidia network adapters.
  • Fixes an issue where large applications cannot run after the computer is turned on for a long time.
  • Improves the stability of Vista when you try to check e-mail by using Windows Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird and have third party anti-virus/spyware apps installed.
  • Fixes a problem when you delete a user via the control panel and the system hangs.

These aren’t on Windows update for some reason, so the only place you can download them is from the knowledge base article I referenced or from these links:

32-Bit Update

64-Bit Update

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