ARS Technica Laughs At Bells P2P “Congestion” Claims

ARS Technica are latest people to show that Bell Canada’s claims of network congestion due to P2P applications are totally bogus. In the article that I linked to, they make the assertion that if Bell has any congestion problems, they can be solved easily and cheaply:

“If Bell’s upstream DSLAM links are too slow, the whole problem could be fixed quite cheaply by upgrading the networking board in the back of DSLAM to gigabit Ethernet. For a company already publicly pledging to spend $500 million in capital upgrades this year, such a fix would be pocket change.”

Clearly, Bell’s throttling is for only one purpose. It is an anti-competitive move aimed at killing off competing ISPs. If Bell throttles competing wholesalers, nobody can offer a superior, un-throttled competitor to Bell Canada’s Sympatico service.

If Bell were smart, they should fold up shop now and make nice with all the people they’ve ticked off. It would be great optics if they did that. Otherwise they could end up looking worse than they already do.

2 Responses to “ARS Technica Laughs At Bells P2P “Congestion” Claims”

  1. P2P is evil! The domain of thieves, robbers, hackers, luTards, iTards, pedophiles, arsonist and phishers! The Bells are right!

  2. Please get a life. Or throw some chairs in your office or something.

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