Perhaps Rogers Is Feeling The Heat?

I was browsing just a second ago and found this link on that seems to indicate that Rogers is looking at “tweaking” their beyond stupid price plans for the iPhone. Not only that, Rogers have appeared to have hired a PR firm to help them pull their asses out of the fire deal with with the situation. This came to light after people who had e-mailed Rogers about their price plans got replies from someone “repersenting” Rogers (Click here for an example). It turns out that they are being sent by a firm called Manning, Selvage & Lee. According to their website, they do the following:

“Our experts are in a range of competencies including consumer marketing, healthcare communications, issues & crisis management, corporate reputation, media relations, automotive PR, entertainment marketing, Internet communications, corporate and product branding, financial communications, public affairs and internal communications & change management. “

Note the issues & crisis management part of that. If any company needs issues & crisis management right now, it’s Rogers.

All I can say is, keep the pressure up! It seems to be having an effect.

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