Apple Ticked Off With Rogers? Please Let It Be True! [UPDATED x2]

The Boy Genius Report is one website that has a great reputation for finding out information that nobody else can. So when I saw this report on the Boy Genius website with the rumor that Apple was ticked off with Rogers, I decided to post it because of the reputation of Boy Genius in breaking stories like these. According to The Boy Genius, this is what has allegedly happened:

  • Rogers hired additional sales staff to handle the iPhone launch, all of whom have been fired effective immediately
  • Apple has informed Rogers that they will be diverting a “large percentage” of their iPhone stock that was destined for Canadian shores, sending it instead to their European distributors. According to the rumor, this would leave Rogers with as few as 10-20 units per store for launch day.

IF this is true (and again, I believe that there’s something to it as The Boy Genius Report has an excellent track record for accuracy), then it serves Rogers right. Apple is the type of company who cares about the user experience. Rogers is seriously impacting the experience that users would have with the iPhone, so it’s understandable that Rogers would be the focus of the wrath of “The Steve.” Perhaps Rogers will learn a lesson that they can apply to treating all their customers better. That is, their customers are simply not only a source of revenue, but are people who deserve to be treated with respect.

UPDATE: A second blog has posted additonal details from an “inside source.”

UPDATE #2: This posting has a Rogers sock puppet spokesperson who says that the above is not true.

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