Apple Sends Army Of iLawyers After Clonemaker Psystar [UPDATED]

Back in April, a company named Psystar came out with a clone Mac pre-installed with OS X Leopard. Because of the fact that this is a direct violation of Apple’s end user licensing agreement that forbids you from running OS X on non-Mac hardware, it was thought that this company would have a very short lifespan. The company itself believed that it could fight Apple’s end user licensing agreement successfully and was hoping for a fight.

It’s got one now.

It took a while, but “The Steve” has ordered his army of iLawyers to sue Psystar for violating its shrink wrap license, trademark and for copyright infringement. One has to wonder why it took so long as Apple is known for being quick on the trigger when it comes to sending in the iLawyers to deal with anything that threatens the company.

It’s a safe bet that Psystar is doomed.

UPDATE: This story from gives more details. It seems that Apple wants all of the Psystar clones that have been shipped recalled. Not only that, a lawyer quoted in the story calls the lawsuit a “slam dunk” for Apple.

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