Apple To USA: We’re Number 3!

According to this report on AppleInsider, Apple has vaulted past Acer to become the #3 computer vendor in the USA:

“Dell continued to be the market leader with PC shipments accounting for 31.9 percent of the U.S. market in the second quarter of 2008,” said Mika Kitagawa, principal analyst for Gartner’s Client Computing Markets group. “Apple’s PC shipments grew 38.1 percent in the quarter. The home PC segment continued to be the strongest driver for Apple, as well as sales into the education segment.”

I think part of the reason for this growth is that people are looking at Apple because of frustration with Vista. BMO Capital Markets previously mentioned that they attribute 2.5 million Mac shipments to people deciding to ditch Vista:

“Thus far, user satisfaction ratings for Vista have been weak, and startup times for Vista have been known to be much slower than the Mac OS X,” [BMO Capital Markets analyst Keith] Bachman says. “Thus, more than 50% of recent customers buying Macs in Apple retail stores are first-time buyers.”

Expect a chair or two to be flying in Redmond due to this news.

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