WalMart & Dell Team Up To Provide Home IT Services….. Oh My!

I’ve been writing about Dell Services for some time, but here is a piece of news something I didn’t expect. Apparently WalMart and Dell have teamed up to provide IT services in 15 Dallas, Tx WalMart locations:

“For Wal-Mart, the program provides an opportunity for us to understand more about what our customers need and expect in home installation and technology services, within a specific market,” according to a statement on Wal-Mart’s Web site. “These Solution Stations will provide our Dallas-area customers with added services, repair and consultation so that they can reach the best solution and value for their home entertainment technology needs.”

From where I stand, this is potentially a Win/Win for both companies. Dell already sells PC products through WalMart and this move will get them in front of more customers. WalMart gets something that sets it apart from other retailers and allows it to compete against Best Buy and their Geek Squad offering for example.

As long as these guys don’t act like Geek Squad and hunt for porn on customers hard drives, this could be a good thing.

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