Toronto News Station Says Laptops Cause Fertility Issues In Men….. WTF?

I was watching the news or Toronto’s CityTV last night when this story appeared. In a nutshell, laptops when placed on your lap can cause fertility issues due to the heat they generate. The story then suggests some ways to avoid this including using devices that cool the laptop. This story was important enough to CityTV that they ran commercials for it all day, supplanting coverage of David Beckham mania that has gripped Toronto for the last two days.

Now this isn’t new at all. A simple Google search comes up with all sorts of articles (some of which go back to 2003 or earlier) that suggest this might be the case. But most of these articles that I read also suggest that more research is needed before a definitive link can be established. So if your fertility matters to you, and you don’t want to wait for a definitive answer, consider putting your laptop on a stand like these ones, or use a cooler like the ones referenced in the article.

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