Prentice Suggests Federal Regulations Coming If Telcos Don’t Drop Incoming Text Message Fees…. Whatever…

The normally useless and ineffective Industry Minister Jim Prentice is trying to show himself as being perhaps a bit useful for once. He is now talking tough about the intention of Telus and Bell charge for incoming text messages:

“We don’t have a heavy regulatory burden on the cellular industry,” Mr. Prentice told reporters during a media availability outside a Conservative caucus planning session.

“That’s something that we have tried to maintain in Canada. At the end of the day, consumers do need to be protected,” he added.

Okay. That’s a great sound bite. But this springs to mind when I hear him say that. It seems to me that he’s picking an issue that hits a lot of potential Conservative party voters people in the wallet that scores a few cheap political points (seeing as the Conservatives are in a minority government situation which means the plug can be pulled if the opposition parties get really ticked at them). Where was this tough talk when it comes to net neutrality? It’s nowhere to be seen as that issue clearly doesn’t matter to him.

Much as I’d like to applaud him for taking a stand on this issue, I find that I can’t do so as his response is clearly disingenuous.

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