Apple Sued By Worker Who Claims That He Was An iSlave

A ex Apple employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for not receiving overtime pay. The lawsuit filed in California says that Apple denied technical staffers required overtime pay and meal compensation in violation of state law. Basically, he is according to the lawsuit was “subject to conditions resembling indentured servitude”:

“[David] Walsh’s attorneys contend that he, and other Apple IT workers, were purposefully misclassified as management by the company so it could avoid paying them overtime rates that California legally requires for nonmanagement personnel and also to avoid lawsuits. Apple “intentionally and deliberately created numerous job levels and a multitude of job titles … to create a roadblock to discovery and class certification for all employees similarly classified as exempt,” court papers say.”

If this is certified as a class action, it would include all of Apple’s California IT workers, including those who are dispatched to Apple retail stores.

Can you say “expensive for Apple?”

There is precedence for this sort of lawsuit. I recall that T-Mobile apparently tried something like this a while back and it cost them $4.8 Million. Granted, this wasn’t in California, but it does show that this sort of case can score a victory for the plaintiff.

But it could be worse for Apple employees. They could be working in an iPod factory in China and they should be glad Apple hasn’t outsourced them to save a few bucks. Not that they didn’t try or anything.

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