A New PR Crisis For Apple: iPhone 3G Has Reception Issues

As if Apple doesn’t have enough problems, they now have a bunch of iRate iPhone 3G users who are complaining about crappy reception on the Interwebs:

“Widespread complaints about the iPhone 3G’s reception have spread across the Internet in the month since Apple and AT&T released the successor to the original iPhone. The companies insist that nothing is wrong, but the complaints have been mounting through e-mails, water-cooler discussions, and message boards on Apple’s own Web site: iPhone 3G users are having trouble connecting, and staying connected, to the 3G networks in their areas.”

Currently, Apple is deflecting all questions about the issue to AT&T who is putting the best spin they can on the situation:

“What we’re seeing is that the iPhone 3G is performing very well,” said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for AT&T. “I’m not denying that people are having problems. But we have to deal with these on a case-by-case basis.”

Whatever is going on, it’s apparently not restricted to At&T customers. Customers in other parts of the world have the same issue apparently. That implies that it may be an Apple issue in whole or in part.

Needless to say, Apple needs to get in front of this issue so that it doesn’t become another circus like the MobileMe fiasco.

3 Responses to “A New PR Crisis For Apple: iPhone 3G Has Reception Issues”

  1. How is that spin…I keep hearing widespread. What exactly are the percentage of people having issues?

  2. It’s spin because they (AT&T) has to package their response so that it doesn’t affect iPhone sales or anger Apple.

  3. No problems for me in western Washington and BC.

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