The Nvidia Circus May Be Worse Than Thought… Desktop Nvidia Chipsets May Be Dodgy Too

The news might be worse than previously thought. According to The Inquirer, the desktop versions of the G92 and G94 chipsets are just as defective as the laptop chipsets that everyone is focused on:

A little digging revealed what this, and more, is all about, and it’s far uglier than just the ‘notebook’ version. It seems that four board partners are seeing G92 and G94 chips going bad in the field at high rates. If you know what failures look like statistically, they follow a Poisson distribution, aka a bell curve. The failures start out small, and ramp up quickly – very quickly. If you know what you are looking for, you can catch the signs early on. From the sound of the backchannel grumblings, the failures have been flagged already, and NV isn’t playing nice with their partners.”

Nvidia has to step up to the table regardless of whether this is fact or not and clear this up once and for all. Users of their chipsets have the right to know if the Nvidia chipset they have in their computer is faulty or not. If they are, users of their products have the right to a speedy replacement with a part that works. If Nvidia doesn’t do that and these chips are faulty, then they deserve to be run out of business.

It’s truly that simple.

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  1. I agree, man. Plus they should learn from what has been going on with Apple as of late. Nobody likes jerks who don’t take proper responsibility for their products. If you build something, sell it and it fails then the best thing you can do is step up and fix it. That’s alone is the strongest boost to support a positive opinion of your company because the consumer will feel comfortable knowing that even if they buy something from you that breaks you’ll fix it. Customer service, man. In today’s market I think it’s more important than ever. Consumers only need one bad experience and they’ll go to the next guy for their business.

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