Vodafone Australia Calls Out Apple Over Crappy iPhone 3G Reception [UPDATED]

“The Steve” can’t be a happy man at the moment. First Apple HQ was hit by a fire last night, and now Vodafone Australia has joined T-Mobile Netherlands in saying that the iPhone 3G and not their networks are responsible for the reception issues that their customers have complained about:

“Jessica Forrest, Vodafone Australia’s spokeswoman, said the iPhone 3G issues were device-specific and nothing to do with the carriers’ networks.

“We are aware of the issues on the iPhone 3G and we’re working with Apple to provide a solution,” she said, declining to elaborate.”

The other Australian telcos, Optus and Telstra declined to comment. That’s because they’re likely fearing a backlash from Apple.

One must wonder how much longer Apple can stay silent on the issue before they say or do something. My guess is that they need to do something soon before it becomes an iPocalypse.

UPDATE: A CNet post says that a Sweedish researcher has figured out why the reception on the iPhone 3G is so bad:

“Claes Beckman is claiming that the iPhone 3G’s nominal sensitivity is below that of published standards for 3G phones, meaning the phone drops the connection with a 3G tower more quickly than other 3G phones as it moves away from the tower and averages slower data speeds when connected.”

If that’s true, then Apple has to replace any phone that has this problem with a phone that has this issue corrected. Ouch! CNet is now trying to replicate his findings.

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