Apple Sued Over iPhone 3G Issues…. What Took So Long?

In a country like the US, I expect lawsuits over seemingly defective products to be filed instantly. So I was kind of surprised that it took so long for someone to file a lawsuit over the issues that have been plaguing the iPhone 3G:

“Defendant intended for customers to believe its statements and representations about the Defective iPhone 3Gs, and to trust that the device was ‘twice as fast at half the price,'” the lawsuit claims, suggesting that Apple’s “Twice as Fast. Half the Price” slogan mislead consumer expectations.

“Immediately after purchase, Plaintiff soon noticed that her Internet connection, receipt and sending of e-mail, text messages and other data transfers were slower than expected and advertised,” the lawsuit explained.

“The Defective iPhone 3G appeared to connect to the 3G standard and protocol less than 25 percent of the time. Additionally, Plaintiff experienced an inordinate amount of dropped calls,” the lawsuit continued.

This can’t be good news for Apple as it struggles with fixing this issue. I would think that besides sending forth the iLawyers to fight this, “The Steve” must be whipping his engineers to come out with a fix as quick as possible to make this issue to go away.

This has now turned into another MobileMe type of mess. That’s not good optics for a company who makes fun of Microsoft for their lack of reliablity.

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