Microsoft Taps Seinfield To Fight Apple Ads… Good Luck With That..

I guess if you’re Microsoft and you have a bottomless pit of cash, dropping $10 milllion for Jerry Seinfield to fight Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads is pocket change. The comedian is apparently going to try and reverse the negative aura that Windows Vista has:

The attempted image overhaul comes as Microsoft executives privately acknowledge that Windows — the company’s most important brand — has grown stale and has been battered by Apple’s “Mac vs. PC” ads.”

Microsoft has to do something to keep customers out of The Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Stores. It’s still making money from its operating system division, but Apple has been increasing its computer sales and eating into that. Plus there’s the fact that Vista has had “growing pains” which have sent people to The Temple Of Steve Jobs Apple Stores to get a Mac.

Speaking of Apple Ads, four new ones have just appeared just in time to drive home the point that Vista users who don’t like the operating system should switch to Mac.

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  1. You know he always had a Mac on his desk in his show, right?

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