Another Day… Another iPhone Lawsuit

In case you’re keeping track, this is now the third lawsuit about the iPhone that has been filed by delusional unhappy customers. This one was filed by New Jersey resident Eulardi Tanseco who claims:

“Unfortunately, even when [he] was able to connect via the 3G protocol… even while remaining in the same physical location, [his] call or data transmission was dropped from the 3G protocol to the much slower EDGE protocol,” the lawsuit explains.

Okay. But see what he cites as proof:

“Relying in part on “online blogs'” reports on the drops as proof, Tanseco and his legal team believe Apple and AT&T violated New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, its Uniform Commercial Code and the terms of its contract by advertising service they at some point knew they couldn’t maintain.”

Here’s my thoughts on that in four words: Good Luck With That. But here’s what really tops it all off:

Tanseco also doesn’t believe Apple statements that the recent iPhone 2.0.2 update would resolve 3G issues and other flaws, insisting that the new firmware has had no effect on his experience.

I guess he didn’t read online blogs like this one which have stated that the 2.0.2 update would not remedy the 3G drop to EDGE situation until everybody applies it. Or maybe he’s greedy just being selective about what he reads.

Of course he’s filing this as a class action because that’s what all the cool kids do.

Expect more lawsuits to be filed in the coming days as this appears to be a new national trend.

2 Responses to “Another Day… Another iPhone Lawsuit”

  1. Hate to say it but he is right and Apple deserves to be sued. I have had all of the same problems and have been working with Apple for a month without a fix. I am on my forth iPhone 3G all of them have the same problems.

    The advertising from Apple was twice as fast (it clearly is not) and half the price (NOT AT ALL TRUE). The 3G sucks, the price is higher not lower as you need to include the contract in the pricing. They charge more for 3G and it barely works.

    Crashing apps and having to restore iPhones has become part of ownership. You can say just return it, but after working with Apple for a resolve for a month, you find yourself past the return date with Apple and past the point of canceling your contract with AT&T, so this is not an option form many.

  2. First of all, i never heard anything as ridiculous as having to download the new firmware update to every handset in order for the resolution to take effect (What does one handset have to do with the other) They should be sued for making that statement alone. If this is the case they are leaving out some information. What would make more sense is if they said this: in order for us to make some specific global changes to our network to solve this issue there is an update that needs to be downloaded and installed in every iphone prior to us implementing these global changes. That makes more sense to me. I say good luck with that to the provided , not the customer..

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