Kid Goes To Canada, Uses AT&T AirCard, Gets $19,370 Bill… Ouch..

Get this. A kid travels to Vancouver Canada and uses an AT&T AirCard to send photos and e-mail to his friends back home. When he gets back home he finds a $19,370 bill from AT&T. According to the family, they were not warned about international roaming fees:

The Terry family said they asked an AT&T employee about the service before their son left the country. They said they were told nothing about international fees.

Dave Terry also said they were never contacted by the company to be alerted of the high fees.

The first half of that I can believe. If I speak to four reps at a cell phone company (it doesn’t matter which cell phone company as they all behave the same), I’ll get five different answers. I often have to find the answer I’m looking for online and then make the cell phone company rep do what I want which is not exactly the best way to deal with them. As for the part about AT&T warning them about their high fees, that’s not their responsibility. Suck it up.

However, because of the negative press they care about their customers, AT&T is going to look into it.

It could be worse, his bill could have been $85,000.

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