iTunes 8 Causes Vista To BSOD… It’s All Apple’s Fault.

This posting on Apple’s Discussion Board seems to indicate that iTunes 8 users who are running Vista are getting frequent Blue Screens Of Deaths unless they unplug their non-Apple USB devices. It’s always difficult to tell how widespread a problem is from a board posting, but ZDNet did a poll that indicates that 36% of Vista users seem to be having issues. While the poll isn’t scientific, that’s not exactly a small number. Also, ZDNet’s Ed Bott has a clue as to what might be going on here and he points the finger squarely at Apple:

“An even bigger problem is Apple’s attitude toward its Windows customers. These additional software packages and drivers are being installed with no disclosure and no consent. A pile of software, including the troubled MobileMe service, is also being installed and enabled at startup on Windows machines, even where the user has no MobileMe account and, for that matter, no mobile device.

Apple’s Get a Mac ads love to tweak Microsoft for its frequent crashes. Someone from Apple needs to look in the mirror and realize that they’re the problem in this case.”

Ouch. That’s harsh. But I have to agree with him. Apple has really shot itself in the foot when it comes to how it treats Windows users. That needs to change.

I’m seeing a iTunes 8.0.1 update hitting the streets shortly.

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