RIM “Flips” Over New BlackBerry

In an attempt to feed the addictions of their users expand the BlackBerry empire, Research In Motion has announced the Pearl 8220 which is RIM’s first attempt at a flip phone. The BlackBerry Pearl 8220, also known as the Kickstart, features a two-letter-per-button keypad, built in WiFi capabilities, a 2-megapixel camera and an external micro SD memory card slot. All of that means that it aimed at “Joe Enduser” which includes teenagers and MILFs soccer moms. Although I see some corporate types buying this as well. Because it’s a “flip phone,” it fits in with the most popular segment of the phone market as a ton of “flip phones” are sold every year by companies like Motorola. Even if RIM only gets a tiny percentage of that market, that could be hundreds of millions of dollars in RIM’s bank account.

Now, before anyone says anyone says “is this an iPhone killer,” the answer is no. Wait for the “Thunder” that is due later this year.

I think that RIM has a winner here.

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