Nvidia Cuts 6.5% Of Its Workforce. Cites “Business Realities”

Nvidia’s employees are likely mass e-mailing their resumes at the moment as this announcement from the graphics chip company has the bad news that 360 people or 6.5% of their workforce is about to be cut:

“Our action today is difficult, but necessary considering current business realities. Despite our reduction, we will continue to invest in selective high-growth opportunities like our revolutionary CUDA parallel computing technology and our Tegra mobile single-chip computer,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA. “We are taking fast action to enhance our competitive position and restore our financial performance. All of us at NVIDIA are determined to emerge from these challenges an even stronger company.”

So if you are an employee working on a Cuda or Tegra related project, you are probably safe. If you’re not, sucks to be you. Of course, all of this assumes that their current legal troubles that are related to their graphics chip defect issues don’t sink them first.

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