Apple Includes MobileMe Uninstaller In iTunes 8….. Thanks For Letting Us Know About That Steve!

Frequent visitors of this blog will recall that I was not a happy camper when I discovered that MobileMe was stealth installed with iTunes 7.7. It now seems that Apple has had a change of heart. If you’ve installed iTunes 8.0 and you check you “Add And Remove Programs” within the control panel, you’ll see this:

MobileMe now has an uninstaller for their control panel. That seems remarkably enlightened that they added that feature into iTunes 8. I guess they decided that trying to increase their MobileMe user base by any means wasn’t worth it. Although it would have been nice if Apple said they were going to do that as it might have given some people who were not happy about the fact that the control panel was there the “warm fuzzies.” I only noticed it when I was uninstalling another application, which is not the way to find out about this sort of thing.

Thanks Steve for fixing that. Now never stealth install applications ever again.

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