Apple To Psystar: We’re Not A Monopoly And You Suck

A recent filing from Apple (Warning: PDF) has shed some light on how Apple plans on defending itself from charges from Apple clonemaker Psystar that it is a monopoly. The argument put forth by the iLawyers is that Macs compete with nothing, and therefore cannot be considered a monopoly:

“Ignoring fundamental principles of antitrust law, and the realities of the marketplace, Psystar contends that Apple has unlawfully monopolized an alleged market that consists of only one product, the Macintosh computer.”

Gee. If they are in a market of one, then why do the Mac vs. PC ads?

Oh yeah, they also have asked that the case be tossed out. No surprise there. Tune in on November 6th to see if the case goes to trial or not.

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