Digital Music Royalty Rate Frozen…. iTunes Music Store Continues To Live…. Apple Is The 800lb Gorillia Of The Music Industry

Late tonight, posted the news that The Copyright Royalty Board has frozen royalty rates for digital music sales to 9.1 cents a song. An Apple sock puppet spokesman said:

“We’re pleased with the CRB’s decision to keep royalty rates stable,” said an Apple spokesman.

Duh! Of course they’re happy. It means that Apple will not be closing the iTunes Music store. So their threats worked and industry types agree:

Mark Litvack, an entertainment and copyright attorney and a former legal counsel for the Motion Picture Association of America, said rates have traditionally gone up during these kinds of negotiations. But Apple has “effectively set the economics of the music industry, which now appear to be frozen.”

This just proves that Apple has a ton of power in the digital music industry and are a force to be reckoned with. The music industry should take note.

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