iTunes 8.0.1 Is Out And Apple Actually Tells You What They Fixed

You should check Software Update or click here as iTunes 8.0.1 is out. Oh yeah, Apple actually tells you what they fixed:

• Seamlessly plays the current song when creating a new Genius playlist.
• Improves syncing spoken menus to iPod nano.
• Addresses an issue of deleting HD TV episodes when downloading.
• Improves checking for updates from the App Store
• Improves accessibility with VoiceOver.
• Addresses problems syncing Genius results to iPod.

That’s pretty detailed by Apple standards. I guess they couldn’t say “bug fixes” again and expect people to buy that.

I’ve downloaded it and it seems stable so far, but there’s nothing earth shattering here (not that I expected anything earth shattering). If I come across anything, I’ll let you know.

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