Two New Problems With The iPhone… I’m Guessing Firmware Version 2.2 Is Coming Real Soon Now

Just when you thought all the problems were solved with the iPhone, come these two new bugs.

First, hot off the heels of Apple closing the last password hole in the iPhone comes this new password hole. While not as serious as the last one, it is a problem. This link shows you the steps to reproduce this. Oh yeah, a 12 year old found this hole. This reinforces the fact that all software needs to be tested by teens as they will find holes that adults won’t find.

The next bug is that the iPhone won’t fetch e-mails in sleep mode. There’s a growing discussion thread on the Apple Discussion board about this, and some other related e-mail issues. It’s most probably related to one of the power-saving tweaks that were introduced in firmware 2.1. No definitive word as to when this will be fixed.

While Apple is at it, can they also add the push notification support that they promised users by the end of September. After all, Macworld correctly points out that they’ve missed that deadline as we are currently in the month of October.

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