Vista Is Dead…Microsoft Is Moving On…. But Is It Too Late ?

Let’s face it. Windows Vista is not setting the world on fire. I suspect that it’s causing Microsoft more problems than it solves. After all if you have to drop $300 million to improve the image of this operating system, you have a problem. A very serious problem. Given that XP’s life has just been extended again, I think the fact that Vista was dead on arrival has finally become clear to Microsoft. Another sign that Microsoft is giving up on Vista is that Windows 7 is entering beta later this year, and will likely be released in either 2009 or 2010. Of course that depends on which chair Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer throws that day.

The thing is, it may already be too late. Apple has gained historically high marketshare over the last little while, plus people are trying out LINUX as well. And chances are, if they like what they see they won’t be back in the Microsoft camp any time soon, if ever.

So dear readers, what do you think? Is it game over for Microsoft, or can they rescue the Windows empire? Leave a comment and us know.

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  1. Cameron Peebles Says:

    It’s over for me. I have grown to despise Microsoft with every once of my existence. When I bought a laptop with Vista on it I decided to wipe the hard drive and do something I have never done before; try out a Linux distribution (Ubuntu 8.04 to be specific). The more I use Linux the more I hate Microsoft and their products. There is so much freeware and open source stuff out there that work just as good, if not better, than Microsoft products. The fact that I don’t have to constantly be scared of viruses and spyware and I don’t have to run a crap load of utilities like defragmenters and registry optimizers is enough in itself to move away from Windows. Life on Linux is quite relaxing in comparison to Windows.

    So for me Microsoft is dead, and I hope it spreads to others as well. I would love to see Microsoft get kicked off of their high horse and actually be forced to develop an operating system worth using.

    I think this Vista blunder is hilarious, furthermore, I think the fact that they have to trick people to use Vista (Windows Mojave) says a lot. BTW, I HATE those commercials, because all it proves is that Microsoft gathered up a bunch of people who don’t really know anything at all about computers, showed them how pretty Vista was, and then all of a sudden they are all like “Well this is pretty cool,” and “I guess it’s always just about using it right,” and “Hey, I don’t know a damn thing about computers, but this sure looks pretty; IT MUST BE GOOD!”

    Ok, so I’m done ranting and raving now, but there you go – I hate Microsoft now, and I hope they are forced to actually compete and produce better products.

  2. Computer OS preference largely depends on what people use their computers for, though. In industry, software that only runs on Windows pulls some serious weight. Gaming also comes into play as Windows is still the #1 OS for computer gaming. However, a large percentage of personal computer users only use their computers for Internet, Email and the occasional spreadsheet or letter writing. You can do that on ANY OS. I’d say those people should steer clear of Linux for the most part because tech support for Linux means searching the Internet for a few hours hoping to find someone who had the same issue you’re having. Printing is still behind the times too. At this point, with Microsoft and Apple you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility.

    I think Microsoft should learn a few tricks from Linux and OS X though. While I used Linux I fell in love with the “cube” animation for switching desktops and the trick that pulls all active windows from all desktops and tiles them around the screen allowing you to pick the window you want to switch to. While that stuff seems like eye-candy, when you’re someone who routinely works with 10+ windows open it suddenly becomes a major efficiency tool. Things like that would make Windows a more efficient OS to operate within. If they fail to deliver at least some multiple desktop functionality with Windows 7 I’m going to seriously question their place. Sure there are add-ons that can do it but for it to be a part of the OS would make it so much sweeter.

    I do look forward to a day when Linux might catch up to the big commercial guys but with how unorganized the development of Linux is I don’t know if that will ever happen.

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