RIM To Be Bought By Microsoft? Is This Even Remotely Plausible?

The steady decline in RIM shares of the last few days has had one semi-positive side effect. RIM could be bought out by Microsoft of all people:

“RIM is a massive strategic fit” for Microsoft, said Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek. “I’m fairly certain they have a standing offer to buy them at $50 (a share).”

In that scenario, RIM would have to continue declining to at least $40, thus allowing an offer of $50 to stand as a premium bid.

Assuming that is true (it is a rumor after all), then Microsoft can use the Blackberry to create a defence against the Google Android phone as well as the iPhone as buying RIM would bring 20 million BlackBerry addicts users to the Microsoft tent. Microsoft of course has no comment on this. Given the current state of the economy, I can’t see this happening myself. But I suppose anything is possible if one is desperate motivated to make something happen.

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