Palin “Hacker” Indicted… Republicans Rejoice

David Kernell, a University of Tennessee student and son of Democratic Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell is being indicted on charged that he “hacked” V.P. Candidate and MILF Sarah Palin’s Yahoo E-Mail. I say “hacked” because this was really not a hack but a social engineering exercise that showed that anybody could have done this. If convicted Kernell faces a maximum of five years in prison, along with a $250,000 fine and a three-year term of supervised release.

It should be noted that Palin has come under criticism for using private email accounts to conduct government business and in the process avoid transparency laws, and these are the same e-mail accounts that have been “hacked.” I’m not trying to be political, but one has to wonder why nobody is chasing that aspect of the story.

Anyone care to comment on that?

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