How The Internet Has Influenced The US Presidential Election

Clearly the US Presidential election is a different sort of election. The Internet has played a major role this time around. You have Barack Obama who has used the Internet to out fund raise his opponent John McCain. It’s a strategy that is sure to used in future elections as it’s allowed Obama to have a 24 hour channel. That must help him gain a 9 point lead in the polls.

Also, you have a group who calls themselves The Wasilla Project who’s goal is simple:

The purpose of the project is to produce a series of short (2-3 minute), video portraits of Sarah Palin and her hometown of Wasilla that can be a valuable addition to the prevailing impressions of her. As time and resources allow, we may do a longer edit as well, one which goes into depth on broader topics raised by Palin and her political career.

Now, I’ve watched the two videos that they’ve produced and they have a anti-Palin bent to them. But something that is adding to the debate and getting people talking.

Question: Are the Republicans doing anything like this? If so, can anybody point me to any examples?

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