Telus To Delpoy 4G Wireless Network….Speed Freaks Are Happy

High-speed hungry Canadians will soon be able to surf for porn at lightning quick speeds anywhere they want to. This morning, TELUS officially announced its plans to roll out a 4G network launching sometime in early 2010:

Reinforcing TELUS’ leadership in the mobile broadband market and the ability to provide clients with the best selection of wireless services and networks in Canada, TELUS announced its commitment to a full national launch of a next generation wireless service by early 2010 based on the latest version of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology. This initiative ensures a smoother transition to long term evolution (LTE) technology, the emerging worldwide fourth generation (4G) technology standard, as it becomes available.

I don’t know about the “leadership in the mobile broadband” part but this is great news for Canadians as this will force Rogers to step up their games. What about Bell you ask? Telus has their back:

As part of its investment, TELUS has entered into a network sharing agreement with Bell, which builds on and enhances arrangements in place since 2001.The network sharing agreement allows TELUS to lower the cost, increase the speed of the build-out and gives TELUS the ability to offer the widest national coverage for HSPA, using existing 1900 MHz and 850MHz spectrum, in the shortest time possible.

So Rogers, your move. When are you going 4G?

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  1. OK… GREAT… Just Wonderful.

    I’m a real estate agent in Edmonton, and a very heavy cellular user. About 6 months ago I decided to drop Bell in favor of Rogers because of their speed issues, and access to SIM driven handhelds.

    Am I to understand that Bell and Telus are soon to be running better networks?

    Go figure.

    I left Telus for Bell about 8 years ago because they didn’t have any decent selection of PDA’s. 3 weeks later, they rolled out Palm Treo’s and a couple of WM devices.

    I just can’t win!

    – John Carle
    Edmonton real estate agent.

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