Defective Nvidia Graphic Chipsets Confirmed In HP Desktops

You might recall that on August 12th, I posted a story that said that Nvidia likely has defective graphic processors in their desktop lineup as well as the much talked about laptop graphic chipset issues. Well, HP has come out with a statement that basically confirms this. HP will extend the warranties of their slimline desktop computers until the end of 2009 if you have video related problems. A total of 39 models are affected and all apparently use a Nvidia graphic chipset. This of course follows last weeks admission that Apple has issues with Nvidia chipsets in the MacBook Pro computers. Not to mention that Dell has been dealing with this issue for a while now.

Nvidia really needs to come clean right now. They need to tell the world exactly which cards are affected, whose computers they’re in, and how they’re going to fix the problem. Their silence on this issue while making the likes of Apple, Dell, and HP to clean up their mess is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder they’re being sued by their shareholders. End users as well as the Dell’s, HP’s, and Apple’s of the world should join in and sue these clowns as well. Maybe that will get their attention.

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