Bell’s Solo Brand Joins The “No System Access Fee” Parade… But With A Catch

I guess that Bell felt left out because their Solo brand was the only discount cell phone company that was still charging a system access fee. So they joined Rogers (via Fido) and Telus (via Koodo) in dropping the system access fee:

“The Montreal-based company announced on Thursday it was discontinuing the system access fee, as well as the 911 charge, for Solo customers who sign on to new two-year contracts. The offer is good until the end of the year.”

That’s right, you have to sign a contract to get this deal. Fido and Koodo customers don’t have to do that and they don’t have to pay the system access fee.

All together now: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Bell really has to get a clue here. If Rogers who loves the concept of ARPU is willing to drop the system access fee with no strings, why can’t they? If they seriously think that this will bring new customers to the Solo brand as well as help to maintain their existing customers, they’re smoking crack.

Also, if all three of these companies can afford to drop the system access fee on their discount brands, why can’t they do it across the board?

I’m guessing the answer is greed. But what do I know?

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