Windows Market Share Drops Below 90%….. Ballmer Thows Another Chair

Here’s something that will enrage Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and make Apple CEO Steve Jobs happy. Computerworld is reporting that Windows has been steadily losing ground to Mac OS X. Windows share of the computing marketplace has dropped below 90% for the first time in a very long time:

In November, 89.6% of users who connected to the Web sites that Net Applications Inc. monitors did so from systems powered by Windows, a drop of 0.84 of a percentage point from October. The decrease was the largest slip by Windows in the past two years and easily bested other recent down months, including May 2008 and December 2007, when Windows lost 0.51 and 0.63 percentage points, respectively.

Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X, meanwhile, posted its biggest gain in the same two-year period, growing by 0.66 percentage point to end the month at 8.9%. November was the third month running that Apple‘s operating system remained above 8%.

I guess that means that it’s official. Vista has sent people running to Apple Stores rather than moving to the latest crap from Microsoft. Here’s something else to consider:

Windows’ share typically falls on weekends and after work hours, as users surf from home computers, a larger percentage of which run Mac OS X than do work machines.

What that means is that home users are driving this. I wonder how long before business users start doing the same thing? I Expect a big push from Microsoft to try and counter this. I also expect that push to start with defending the business turf as it looks like defending the home market may be a uphill battle.

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