Gizmodo Post About Steve Jobs Sends Apple Shares Downward

The speculation about “The Steve’s” health is starting to get old. Tech website Gizmodo is the latest to get into the act by posting the following:

According to a previously reliable source, Apple misrepresented the reasons behind Macworld and Jobs’ keynote cancellation. Allegedly, the real cause is his rapidly declining health.

By they way, the source that they got this info from has been “100% correct before.” Which isn’t iron clad proof to me, but was good enough to send Apple shares down 2% yesterday. Apple declined to comment on the rumor.

Here’s the core of the issue: People think Steve Jobs is Apple. But he isn’t Apple and Apple isn’t Steve Jobs. Everyone needs to get a grip and remember that Apple is a company filled with people who share the same vision as Steve. Apple will continue to create great products whether Steve is there or not.

Apple can help itself out by having a clear succession plan. Such a plan will stop this Entertainment Tonight like speculation from affecting their stock price as well as give people a different perception of the company.

The question is, how long will it take Apple to clue in?

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  1. If “the Steve” is as good as the fanbois say he is, then everyone at the top levels of Apple share his vision and goals. I really do not think it could be any other way, considering his famous temper tantrums.

    Hmmmmm maybe *I* could become “the Don” somewhere 🙂

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