Apple Keynote Gives Fanbois Lots To Drool Over…. Except “The Steve” [UPDATE x2]

Apple’s Phil Schiller took the stage at the religious event for Apple Fanbois Macworld this morning to announce a number of new products. So without any further delay, here’s the highlights:

  • iLife ’09 was announced today with updates to GarageBand, iMovie, and iPhoto. A lot of the enhancements are very cool and include things like face recoginition, geotagging, video special effects in iMovie (finally!), etc.
  • An updated iWork ’09 was announced today along with which offers collaboration options for notifying other people that you’ve changed documents, and allow others to review and edit them online.
  • The 17″ MacBook Pro was announced today that follows the same design as the other MacBooks and MacBook Pros that were announced late last year. Two things to note. First, the battery is NOT removable. But it does last 8 hours. Second, they have an option for a matte screen. Hey Steve, when is this option coming to the rest of the line?
  • All songs on the iTunes Music Store will be DRM Free by the end of the quarter. Effective today over 8 million of the 10 million songs on iTunes will be DRM free, and you can upgrade your library (at a price). Also, iPhone users can now download songs to their Jesus Phones iPhone 3G over 3G. Although it will likely cost you. Finally, there’s a new pricing structure on the iTunes Store  starting in April.  The new prices will be $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29 based on the prices the music labels charge Apple.

I’m sure a live stream will be online shortly. But somehow this wasn’t the same without “The Steve” dressed in a black turtleneck. It was a shame that he wasn’t there to help Apple to bow out in style.

UPDATE: A QuickTime stream of the event has been posted.

UPDATE #2: Fanbois on the Canadian Mac Fanboi site are not impressed with the keynote.

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