Ballmer Announces That Windows 7 Beta Is Available…. If You Didn’t Already Get It Off BitTorrent

Microsoft CEO and chair thrower Steve Ballmer took the stage at CES yesterday to announce that the beta version of Windows 7 is now available:

“I’m thrilled to announce the availability of the Windows 7 beta, which is on track to deliver simplicity and reliability,” Ballmer said. “Windows 7 and Windows Live are part of an incredible pipeline of consumer technology that is making it easier than ever for people to communicate, share and get more done.”

Does it fetch your slippers too Steve? It better if you expect to recover from the Vista disaster. I say that because that paragraph sounds really familiar. Like when he announced Vista perhaps?

In any case, the beta version of Windows 7 can be downloaded by MSDN, TechBeta and TechNet customers immediately. Consumers who want to test-drive the beta will be able to download it beginning Jan. 9 at Microsoft’s Windows 7 Website. Of course, if you wanted to test it, you would likely have pinched it via BitTorrent already.

If you’ve got your mitts on the beta, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

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