Bell Canada Stops Sending Tech Calls To India…. Not Satisfied With The Results…. Imagine How Customers Feel

I have to go check the temperature in hell as this a reader pointed me towards this piece of news. Bell Canada will apparently stop sending tech support calls to India:

“Some of our offshore calling has not done what we’ve wanted it to do,” chief executive officer George Cope told shareholders.

I guess that means that going to India didn’t provide the same quality of technical support that in house people could do at a much lower price point.

The article also mentions this:

BCE declined to say how many calls are made to its call centres in North America and abroad, but said the decision would have no impact on jobs. The company has been shedding thousands of jobs as part of its effort to control costs.

Note the “no impact on jobs” part. Could that mean that Bell is going to contract out these services to a domestic or US call center? Perhaps. The article doesn’t really say, but I’d be shocked if they brought those jobs in house.

I’m guessing that customers of Bell who have been transfered to their tech support are jumping for joy right now.

3 Responses to “Bell Canada Stops Sending Tech Calls To India…. Not Satisfied With The Results…. Imagine How Customers Feel”

  1. Lay off Indian staff because of useless. There is no excuse and what the hell in Bell Canada in india. They are not Canadian people. Get jobs for Canadian in Canada.

  2. All multinational corporations outsource work offshore to reduce costs and maximize profits. They also tend to buy out their competition rather than out-servicing them. I used to think that MBAs could develop better products and services, which the market would be happy to pay for. There is no true creativity in business anymore, just excessive cost cutting with no concern for front line service and quality products. If you don’t have a job, you can’t be a customer. If we are all out of work, then there is no market to sell to.

    I have just dealt with a very polite person at Bell Tech support. I asked her where her call center was located, and she honestly said the Philippines. I knew that I wasn’t talking with a westerner as soon as she addressed me as Mr. David. Her work group only takes calls from Canada. Her trainers obviously don’t know or don’t care about how to address westerners by their surname.

    Bell may be running out of countries to outsource their work to. Perhaps they could move their call centers to the Maritimes, create jobs for Canadians and gain market share from their competitors.

    It’s a no-brainer. Privide better products and service to earn market share, consumer confidence and trust.

  3. They still send calls to Bell as of 2015. There is a huge breach of privacy: their foreign call centre has individuals who sell phone numbers to those oh so famous scammers. “Computer probs? No problem just send me your credit card info…”
    Bell made a huge mistake putting profit before anything else. Now they have to deal with sketchy employees who aren’t even in the same country so any due process that would be held up by Canadian law does not have any effect on those living outside our country. Disastrous move on Bell’s part..

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