Bell Canada Backtracks On Twitter Charges…. More Or Less

I guess the Twitterati must have given Bell Canada an earful over their rather ill advised plan to charge $0.15 for each Twitter message that is sent or received via SMS, because Bell has decided not to charge the $0.15 fee:

“Bell and Twitter have agreed that all Twitter SMS (short message service) messages will be included in Bell text bundles at no charge,” said Julie Smithers, spokeswoman for Bell. “The bundles start at $3 per month for unlimited incoming messages and up to 30 outgoing peer-to-peer messages.”

In fact if you check the original press release, it has no mention of the $0.15 fee anymore. But of course Google cache has the proof that Bell did actually want to charge this fee once upon a time. Which means that Bell’s PR droids people weren’t smart enough to think of that before attempting to rewrite history.

In the words of Nelson Muntz….. HA! HA!

This just proves that you should never underestimate the power of the Twitterati.

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