Canadian Company Partners With Rogers Wireless To Provide Secure Remote Access Services

As you know, I’m an avid user of the Route1 MobiKEY and I’ve written about it in the past. But a press release has just popped up in my inbox that has caught my attention. A company called 01 Communique has announced that they’ve partnered with Rogers Wireless to offer remote access services from anywhere. From their press release:

Combining high speed wireless broadband access along with 01’s SecureKEY for enhanced security users can now use the SecurePC Remote Access Terminal to surf the Internet as well as quickly access information and/or run applications on their office or home PC from virtually anywhere. Accessing and controlling your office/home PC using high speed wireless broadband will give you the same experience as if you were physically sitting at the computer and just as secure.

Now I haven’t actually used their product, but based on some of the stuff that I read on their website,  it sounds like a version of the MobiKEY with options for having a software only implementation (rather than using their USB token) as well as other options in terms of implementing your own remote access services in house (rather than having a third party service), and doing a remote access session from a PocketPC.  But all of that may not be fair to say having not seen or touched the products.

I also find it intruiging that they’ve partnered with Rogers. I guess that’s a “Win Win” for both sides as Rogers gets to sell some of their Mobile Rocket Internet Sticks and 01 Communique gets their remote access product out into the marketplace. Plus for the consumer, it’s one stop shopping. So I guess they win too.

I’m going to keep an eye on this company, and if I have time this weekend I will see if I can download a trial of their software as well and try it out.

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  1. Well, this is very interesting. I will poke around their stuff as well.

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