New 17″ MacBook Pros Have Faulty Graphics Chipsets? Not Again!

This sounds really familiar…..

Users on Apple’s Discussion Boards have lit the place up with complaints that their shiny new 17″ MacBook Pros have all sorts of graphics issues. Here’s what these users seem to have found. When the more powerful Geforce 9600M is switched on (remember, the MacBook Pros have two graphics cards in them), the display gets covered by green lines and other graphic distortions which gets worse as they use the computer. Switching to the integrated 9400M cures the problem, as does restarting. But neither is a permanent fix. That implies that this is some sort of heat related issue.

This makes Apple’s decision to use Nvidia chipsets right across the Apple line look kind of craptastic from where I stand.

Hopefully, Apple steps up to the plate like they have with previous MacBook Pros that have had Nvidia related problems and protects their users from these issues. I also hope that Nvidia will also step up to the plate and finally do the right thing as opposed to duck and dive from this. But then when it comes to Nvidia, users may have already spoken with their wallets given Nvidia’s Q4 numbers.

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