German Mac Clonemaker Releases New Clone Macs….. Flips The Bird To The iLawyers

You might remember that I talked about Mac clonemaker PearC from Germany who had come out with a bunch of clone Macs, but were realistic about how long they’d be in business. Well as if to tempt fate, they’ve released the “Stylence Line” of Mac clones. The new “Macs” come in two configurations ranging in price from $977 to $1,245 US and come with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 pre-installed. Other than the fact they’re white, they still look like dull and boring PCs. The Open(3) Mac clones from Psystar look better IMHO. But perhaps PearC is hoarding their cash for the inevetable fight with the Apple iLawyers rather than making their clone Macs look sexy.

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